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PostSubject: History   History EmptySun May 24, 2009 9:05 pm

There was once an old village by the name of Vanahoon. It was the oldest village in the country. However it is so close to the ocean that settlers came in and traveled through this fertile village to trade and in the end to move on to settle a new area of Europe. When these settlers moved through they left behind more than weapons that they traded, they left behind a virus. A deadlyl Virus. The plague went through and wiped out most of the villagers except for two sisters. Chaya and Athara. The Gods came down to them and asked for their help. They were taught their ways. The Gods asked for the sisters to devide the lands and seperate the people. The sisters did not understand this but did as they were asked. Chaya understood the language of the animals and Athara understood the language of the earth. Chaya the younger of the two was asked to start a ranching village where Athara the eldest was asked to start a farming village. Together the villagers would only grow, spereated they would destroy themselves.

There are no bigginer clases in life, right away you are asked to deal with what is most dificult
History Black_Unicorn_by_feliciacano
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