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 Grazing fields

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She sniffed again ~My mistake 39 yards~ she woofed back. She watched him disappear. 'Hmm jerky..' with a dash she took off towards Elsa. Her white tipped tail wagging high ~Friends are over here~ she barked in spirit animal tongue. Elsa stopped and looked around ~Molly?~ she called. Molly crouched and then jumped into the air in their classic signal to locate the other. Elsa saw the flash of fur and jogged over. ~What is it?~ she asked when she got to her excited companion. ~Other people~ Molly said excitedly. She ran around Elsa then took off for the barn. ~Molly wait!~ Elsa sighed but followed her. She stopped quickly when she saw a huge German Shepherd.
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Grazing fields
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