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 Vandecar Census

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PostSubject: Vandecar Census   Vandecar Census EmptyMon May 25, 2009 12:19 am

Jarlon Vidor Imitari (white tiger) (died)

Rhea Zaric (red fox)

Bardon Tunani (lion)

Danielle Alec (Red Panda)

Saron Vidor Kenai (King Cheetah)

Nyx (siberian husky) (absent)

Arya Espero (Cat) (Absent)

Griffen Shubbi (racoon) (Absent)

Lulakita Candrence (black horse) (Absent)

Arora Koda (Owl) (Absent)

There are no bigginer clases in life, right away you are asked to deal with what is most dificult
Vandecar Census Black_Unicorn_by_feliciacano
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Vandecar Census
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