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 Kai's hut

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PostSubject: Re: Kai's hut   Kai's hut - Page 4 EmptyThu Nov 19, 2009 12:04 am

Mika giggled and nodded "Yes I better." She quickly morphed into a raccoon and scrambled down the tree landing with a flourish. The little raccoon took a bow and then grinned at Kai. She blinked her little beady eyes and with one last smile darted off into the forest.

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PostSubject: Re: Kai's hut   Kai's hut - Page 4 EmptyThu Nov 19, 2009 12:43 am

"That little sly critter..." chuckled Kai, "See ya around Mika..." He waved as she left, then returned to the hut.
Kai opened the door as quietly as possible. ~AH ha! there you are...I thought you were going to stay out all night...what have you been doing?!~ Shiroi asked Kai while he shut the door. ~You ok now?....i could feel you crying~ Shiroi said in a kinder tone. Kai nodded. ~I'm ok now.....and Mika came by so I was out talking with her....sorry I took so long~ Shiroi yawned. ~Oh its no was just wandering if you gotten hurt and couldn't get back. since you were crying~ Kai walked over and sat on the edge of the cot. ~I'm sorry for making you's ok, I'm fine now.....and about the crying--~ Kai stopped as Shiroi finished it off. ~it was just memories right?...~ Kai nodded. ~Yah, I'm you can go out if you want to....I'll stay here and watch these tw--~ up popped Kilins head. ~Ughh not again!~ Shiroi complained. Kai raised an eyebrow. ~Ohh?...has this little bundle of joy been trouble?~ he asked picking up Kilin and placing him in his lap. ~TROUBLE!....TROUBLE!!!...that little thing is a NIGHTMARE!~ Shiroi said stamping a light paw on the ground. ~OH ho ho ho?....really?...Kilin are you giving Shiroi a hard time?....your supposed to be a good little girl....right?~ Kai asked picking Kilin up to eye level. Kilin grinned and squirmed. ~ok ok....Shiroi would you be so kind as to take her out for a minute?.....Pleaseeeeeeeeeee~ Kai begged. ~You only have to take him out for 10 minutes...ok?~ Shiroi sighed a enormous sigh. ~OHHH! fine!...come on Kilin....then will you please be a good little fox? and pleaseeee go to sleeeeeeeeeeep!?~ Shiroi turned to leave. Kai put Kilin on the extremely dusty floor and watched him waddle/pounce through the little dusty piles on the way to the door. Shiroi just shook his head. ~Come on fuzz ball...~ he waited for Kilin to finish pouncing all the little piles then both foxes bounded out the hut. ~Keep an eye on her....she's black and it’s night time!~ Kai called out in a loud whisper trying not to wake Chi. ~Yah yah, I got it...~ Shiroi yelled back and took off with Kilin.

Kai scooted onto the Cot along side Chi as she slept, "Good night Chidori...welcome to 'Home'" Kai grabbed the extra blanket from the pack and pulled it over himself. before he knew it he was sound asleep.
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Kai's hut
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