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PostSubject: IMPORTANT   IMPORTANT EmptySun Feb 14, 2010 7:33 pm


To all the villagers of Vanahoon. The rising numbers of the shadow forces has caused great concern among the leaders of the anti-shadow federations. It has been decided to gather and train troops from the corners of the empires in the techniques needed for riding and flying dragons' in warfare so that the federations may be prepared to defend against the shadow forces. Each nation has selected a commander to train these troops. I have been chosen for such a purpose and have secured a island for training. It will be a safe haven till such a time when you are ready for combat.

This is strictly on a volunteer basis and I understand that some of you have family in Vanahoon that you are honor bound to protect. As such, those that wish to join me, meet me at the town hall in Vandecar so that we may all travel together. For those that wish to come but cannot attend the meeting I will leave a way for you to contact us.

We need the best, join us.

Saron Vidon

OOC (out of character):

Hey guys,

We will be traveling to a new rpg. The time frame is about 5-6 years from where rte is now. You may either bring one character from RTE or if you wish make a brand new one for this rpg if you choose to join us. We hope you do Wink For those of you that have multiple characters you may only bring one. Again only one. We will be very strict about this. In the new rpg after a certain amount of posts players will be able to earn a second character, but until that point. Only one may come from RTE. For your character please fill out the character sheet again and apply so we can accept. The address for the new RPG is Now everyone I know some of us have gotten just a little relaxed and lazy about our posting. So there will be a 200 word post limit. Meaning for each post you must post at least 200 words. The admin and mods will be enforcing this. I know it sounds like alot, but once you get into the habit it actually goes by quite easily.

List of characters that will not be coming to the new RPG "Praised Roads"


If your character is partnered with them please take that into account when choosing who to bring. These characters did not DIE! lol They just will be choosing to stay in Vanahoon. Thank you!

Hope to see you there!

Becca and Kat
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PostSubject: Re: IMPORTANT   IMPORTANT EmptyMon Feb 15, 2010 2:00 pm

((i'm gonna wait until i see what Trevon is going to do, ok?))
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